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Skype facilitation sessions

With Brad or Tabitha - $350 for a 2 hour couple session

Or both of us - $450 for a 2 hour couple session

Facilitation at Studio Qi

Burleigh clinic- shop 6/3 Deodar ave 07 55358054

With Brad or Tabitha - $350 for a 2 hour couple session

Or both of us - $450 for a 2 hour couple session

Acupuncture at Studio Qi

Burleigh clinic- shop 6/3 Deodar ave 07 55358054

Acupuncture with facilitation - one on one

With Brad or Tabitha - $240 for a 1 hour facilitation session, one on one, followed by a 45 minute acupuncture treatment


Please contact us if you have an enquiry or wish to book a session.


"Over the past 2 years I've had 4-5 facilitation sessions with Brad and I regularly visit him for Acupuncture. I always leave these facilitation sessions feeling so empowered and alive. We've focused on specific life topics that I've felt intuitively called to unlock and unravel. Brad has this unique ability to get to the heart of the matter and has helped me see my blind spots through powerful questioning, role play and a supportive approach. Brad's incredible at holding space for you to feel all the feels and I like that he offers advice if you ask for it to as sometimes you just need another perspective.  I've cried, I've laughed and I've felt intense feelings of joy and release in these sessions. I'm quite a self aware person, but I always leave these sessions with one profound nugget of wisdom I've never considered before and can use. If you're looking to go deep and explore a certain area in your life that might not be working as well as you'd like it to whilst also in a safe, open and supportive environment, Brad is your guy. Be ready to be transformed though. I'd recommend acupuncture as well as facilitation as it just cements the experience and you'll walk away literally on cloud 9 and ready to take on the world." 


Have us speak

We can speak  together or individually to intimate or large groups and corporate, email us for availability and cost.




*Tabitha's talk was even more amazing than I had anticipated. Tabitha was eloquent, humble, full of knowledge and helped facilitate deep, open conversation. I feel so much more connected to my girlfriends by sharing our collective experiences, we honestly could have carried on all night.  We laughed, got a little naughty, learnt some pretty nifty new tips and had many 'A ha! Oprah moments'. More women need to gather like this to share experiences in a totally non-judgmental environment. Book Tabitha for your next girls night and do it now! - Lana

*Tabitha created a warm, open and safe sharing space. I feel energised and excited to go home to my husband and share so many insights. Thank You

* After years of believing I was sexually repressed I know now that I can change and become more comfortable in myself therefore become more relatable to my partner.

*Tabitha is amazing. something I'd recommend to all Mums. I want to come back!

Tabitha’s Talk

Gather your girl friends for an intimate event with Tabitha and here is a taste of her topics.

Tabitha has spent twenty years inspiring, facilitating and healing people through acupuncture, Chinese medicine theory, process orientated psychology and tantric principles. She has personally explored and implemented these ancient techniques into her life energising and revitalising her long term marriage, sex life, feminine wildness and sensual self, while also raising three boys.

The three core practices that she will share will teach you to build pleasure, increase libido and connect to your sensuality. Supporting these will help every area of your life to blossom. She teaches the profound wisdom that she wishes she had been taught at the beginning of her marriage and motherhood journey.

Tabitha lives on the Gold Coast with her husband of eighteen years, Brad, along with their three boys who are sixteen, fourteen and seven. She juggles her home life with running their eighteen year acupuncture practice, Studio Qi, along with her Women’s talks and weekly podcast, “Turn On the Podcast”, with Brad. She also makes time for weekly pottery sessions, a time for pure creative joy.